****ATTN DAVID FURST****FOR STORY ON KURDS IN TURKEY BY ANNE BARNARD TRAX: 30163985A 9/24/2014 Suruc, Turkey Syrian Kurdish women and chidden crossed back into the Syrian Kobane region, Wednesday, through a Turkish military checkpoint on the border. The Kobane region has been under attack from ISIS forces, which are drawing nearer to the city’s southern edge. As US airstrikes on Syrian ISIS targets entered their second day, much of the swelling refugee flow into the Turkish town of Suroc, which borders the Syrian region of Kobane, had slowed, and instead, Syrian Kurds, many of them men hoping to defend their homes and villages against ISIS, are trying to return. Also among those trying to enter Syria are Turkish Kurds, who see ISIS’s attack on the area as an attack on their community, and see Turkey’s unwillingness to intervene directly as a sign of their enmity and as a strategic decision to weaken the Kurds as a community in the region. CREDIT: Bryan Denton For The New York Times 30163985A NYTCREDIT: Bryan Denton for The New York Times

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